Product Product Hitex Diamond Cladding System (HDCS) (1.0)Exterior Insulation Finish System comprising 60mm EPS Polystyrene with fibreglass reinforced modified plaster and integral colour texture
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Moderated in 2008
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Air can flow through behind the cladding
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How it works
Extensive research and the resulting science is used to keep your home drier, warmer and healthier with lower energy costs. Excess moisture in the timber framing evaporates into the stud space and becomes gaseous molecules suspended in the air. These molecules move through the building paper and are transported safely to the outside by the Diamond Cavity grooves. Extensive drying tests by the University of Auckland confirm that the Hitex Diamond Cavity System can dry out a wet bottom plate in just 10 days, providing the leak has been fixed. No more building delays because the builder can proceed with the job confident that the bottom plate can dry out, even during winter.