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Mdu Probes come with white or brown coloured caps. The probes are the only permanent weathertightness tools for owners of homes.
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The Mdu Probe cap fits snugly into the skirting board (often behind curtains and furniture). The two pin holes on the front of the cap are used to connect the moisture meter, which reads the moisture content of the timber framing hidden inside the walls.
Probes are permanent. Probes resolve uncertainty about moisture in the walls of houses.

Once installed probes become property of the home.

Mdu Probe is the only moisture detection system that provides ongoing accurate and reliable moisture content readings of framing hidden behind claddings and linings.

Weathertightness risk is an ongoing issue with homes as they age and battle storms and uncertain maintenance. Solve the mystery between seller and buyer with facts.
  • Permanent moisture probes provide ongoing moisture content readings and early detection of problems so you are warned when to protect your most valuable asset from water damage and stigma. Accurate moisture content readings means correct diagnosis to support/verify repairs and maintenance as needed
  • Moisture content readings from Mdu Probes benchmark whether your home is dry, safe and healthy. No more opinions or destroying claddings to get one time only information.
  • Reliable and factual moisture monitoring provides assurance to banks, insurers, council, inspectors, builders, repairers and prospective buyers of the homes true condition

Yes they stay in the wall so when you go to sell the tools are available for your inspector and theirs. No arguing over what lies beneath.

OR: we plug the holes with putty so when dry the owner can paint them the skirt colour BUT the tools are lost.

The problem both the seller and purchasers have is ‘what is happening inside the walls’. This problem also comes up after every rain and any future sale. Having probes as the permanent tool means future building inspections have facts to work on not opinions for fear of liability. It’s a win/win for both parties – if the purchaser pulls out the owner retains the tools for future inspection. If the purchaser becomes the owner they have tools to maintain the house and prepare for the future sale.

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